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SchematicSolver is a powerful and easy-to-use schematic capture, symbolic analysis, processing, and implementation tool in Mathematica. SchematicSolver provides you convenient and comprehensive environment to draw, solve, simulate, and design systems.
Unique Features and Benefits For You
SchematicSolver brings you many unique features not available in any other software in this industry:

Easy to Use and Learn
Powerful Modeling and Simulation Environment
Fast and Reliable
Implementation of Discrete-Time Systems
Teams up with Other Mathematica Applications
Automated Generation of Software for Linear and Nonlinear Discrete Systems

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SchematicSolver features automated generation of software implementation of linear and nonlinear discrete systems. The generated implementation function can symbolically process symbolic samples: for a symbolic input sequence, you can compute the symbolic output sequence with both the system parameters and the states specified by symbols.
Other important features include

design of efficient multirate implementations by working in the symbolic domain
modeling systems that work with symbolic complex signals, such as the Hilbert transformer
symbolic derivations of important closed-form relations between parameters of a system, such as the power-complementary property of high-speed digital filters
symbolic optimization of the system response
functions that generate schematics for arbitrary symbolic system parameters
and more…
Besides advanced processing and graphical capabilities, SchematicSolver can perform signal processing in a traditional numeric way, too.

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“Fantastic Tool for Researchers and Engineers”
SchematicSolver is a kind of front processor for Mathematica. It is a fantastic tool for researchers and engineers in fields such as circuits, systems, and signal processing. It is easy to use. You can draw your system on the screen by picking up elements from the palettes using a mouse. Every time you put an element on the workspace, it is automatically interpreted to a corresponding Mathematica input statement called schematic specification.

Professor Akinori Nishihara
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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